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Only 2% Of The Population Can Hear This Mysterious Sound – Can You?

People in Taos (New Mexico) hear a strange humming sound that only about 2% of the human population is able to notice it.

A variety of theories has been offered as an explanation, ranging from the fantastic, the psychological to the medical. The sound has first been reported in the early 1990s by the professor Joe Mullins. Based on a survey of residents, about 2% of the general population claimed to hear the hum.

Taos, New Mexico

Specific equipment was set up in the homes of several families, measuring sounds and vibrations, but after many tests, nothing unusual was detected.

Some researchers suggest that the answer to the Taos sound mystery may be based on the psychology of citizens rather than physical vibrations.

Even though we don’t notice it, our ears sometimes create their own noises. And because the sounds are subtle we don’t hear them until it’s very quiet or we are listening carefully. This phenomenon is called spontaneous otoacoustic emissions.

It might be an explanation, but it is still scientifically not proved.

What do you think the mysterious sound is?

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