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What Will Humans Look Like In 100 Years?

While thinking about the future humans, we instantly imagine genetically modified cyborgs who are much stronger, smarter and faster.

That’s really exciting, but also a little bit scary. In the TED talk below, Harvard researcher Juan Enríquez explains what humans can experience in the future. First, he suggests to remember the most breaking events of our natural history.

From massive extinction events to asteroid and disease outbreak, or a super-volcano – the history has taught us anything. Now, it’s our responsibility to prepare for this inevitability – however uncomfortable, ethically that might seem right now.

“If you believe that extinctions are common and natural and normal, and occur periodically, it becomes a moral imperative to diversify our species,” says Enríquez.

Take Mars, for example. If something happens to make life on Earth impossible for humanity in the future, we’re going to need to have changed our biology enough to withstand the conditions of the Red Planet.

And that doesn’t just mean getting implants to give us superhuman powers – to survive in the rest of the Solar System, we need to become a Type III civilisation on the Kardashev Scale.

Watch the video below to find out what it means.

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